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Rock climbing is a highly rewarding activity in many ways. Individually, it allows the development of body control, self-confidence and requires some management of emotions. By definition, this is an individual sport, since everything takes place between the climber and the wall he is trying to climb. However, when practiced in a group, it is always in a spirit of emulation that the activity progresses because the competition can not exist between participants : each one encourage the other to go further.

This is a challenging and extremely rewarding activity perfectly suited to public who often faces failure or difficulties (academic, social, etc ...). It also helps to strengthen group cohesion and is more and more often used in business seminars or team-building sessions as it enhances the communication and sharing.

Endowed with a strong experience in the supervision of a specialized public, such as early school leavers, people with physical or mental disabilities or children, adolescents and adults in climbing club, I am able to support a diversified public to explore the vertical world. Together, we can define the appropriate objectives taking into account the particularities of a specific public.

Also, as part of a corporate team-building, a training stay, a fun and sports day, a single day of climbing, a cycle of several sessions, a vertical stay (climbing / canyoning / via ferrata), I can adapt to your demands and expectations.

You can contact me in order to define the most appropriate formula together.